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9 Simple Wiring Recessed Lights Three, Switch Collections

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Simple Wiring Recessed Lights Three, Switch Collections - This has not been a terrific enjoy--- nevertheless no response and a diagram that changed into not applicable to my query and no written response telling me what i did incorrect once i explained the query twice.

Thanks rick/sparky, however i still don't get it. Does my query explain the scenario properly? I added the energy by means of 14-2 to the primary switch container. I linked the 14-2 black to the dark screw on the three manner switch. I related the 14-2 white to the 14-three white that went to the primary light. I then hooked black and crimson visitor from the 14-3 to the last 2 positions at the three manner transfer. The 14-three went to every of the 4 lighting fixtures. At every light, i mounted black to black, white to white, grd to grd and connecter the crimson vacationer all the way through. At the last mild the 14-three cable went to the 2nd 3 way transfer wherein i hooked the black from the 14-3 to the dark screw of the three manner transfer. The red tourist become hooked to the identical position on the 2d 3 manner transfer that it become hooked to on the 1st 3 manner transfer. The white (marked black) went to the final function at the 2nd three way transfer. It tripped the breaker. I then reversed the pink and the wite (marked black) at the second 3 way switch, but it nonetheless tripped the breaker. Is that this explanation clea.

The white tied to the blacks needs to be rewired as a impartial. Currently it's far wired as a common (hot). Then one of the guests desires to be rewired as a permanent hot. This will permit your useless give up insteon to be powered up. Welcome. My call is xxxxx xxxxx would be happy to assist. There have been severa responses by using the expert to the post. Are you able to read this one i'm posting? In that case, are you able to now not see his other previous posts? The site itself can also have some issues, but the expert has published in terms of your questions.