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13 Best Line Voltage Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

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Best Line Voltage Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos - A few clever man ingeniously used this shortcut, to do some thing new and totally unrelated to electric heating. He's the usage of them to exchange 120v hundreds which itself alone isn't always a problem, however he's the usage of the two aspects to do deliberately different things, which they're not made for. And he is switching motor/pumping masses, which they may be maximum truly now not made for.

The antique thermostat you have is a 240v thermostat made to directly transfer real electric powered resistance warmers consisting of cadet types. Those kinds use 240v handiest and do not use a neutral. The reality that neutral is closely used here's a warning sign.

I don't understand what goes on after that. One cord popping out of the thermostat (d1) connects to the black wires of b and c and the alternative (d2) connects to the white wires of b and c.

I accompanied the instructions from casa: i made a1 pass into the brand new thermostat and then out into the blacks of b1 and c1. Then i related a2 directly to the whites of b2 and c2. This does work—the thermostat did strength on but the warmers were turning on and off each three seconds. I've on the grounds that discovered that casa does no longer assist fan-pressured warmers :(.

Your current setup trusted the manner double pole 240v thermostats work -- one leg is an on/off (disconnect) characteristic, even as the other leg is thermostatically controlled. This is nice for strolling electric powered resistance warmers, and also within the case of a mechanical thermostat abusable for what the original installer did to control the fanatics on/off and pump thermostatically. New thermostat: the new one is aube th115 and is pictured similarly beneath. Wiring manual shows the usage of 4 separate wires to connect it, however one of the connecting options i tried failed to show the heater and fan on, even though the thermostat become powered. I'm wondering what is the right wiring in my case and in particular whether l1 and l2 wires need to be connected to the equal incoming warm wire.