install switch /qn Open, Windows command prompt with , > cmd". 2 13 Most Install Switch /Qn Collections" class="img-full responsive-img"/>

13 Most Install Switch /Qn Collections

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Install Switch /Qn - /report" 4. Press the key to verify your entry. End result the set up dialog opens with the facts which you are in record mode and the system will not be modified. 2.2 selecting set up settings method proceed as follows to set the alternatives for the installation: 1. Within the conversation for choosing the setup language, choose the language in that you need the setup software dialogs to be displayed and click the "subsequent" button. The dialog for selecting the product languages opens. 2. Pick out the languages for the product consumer interface, and click the "next" button. Be aware "english" is always set up because the default product language. The conversation for choosing the product configuration opens. Programming and running guide, 12/2014, a5e ac 7.

15 automated installation via the command line 3.5 examples of automated set up thru the command line if 'setupsuccess' equ '3010' ( echo setup successful. A reboot is wanted! Return code: setupsuccess ) else ( echo "error at some stage in setup! Go back code: setupsuccess ) ) pause the return code "1641" additionally files a success crowning glory of the set up and that restart has already been initiated. Restart happens, however, handiest if "/reboot=vehicle" is used and for that reason changed into now not evaluated in the batch document. You could locate all possible go back values beneath go back values from the installation process (page 21). Programming and operating manual, 12/2014, a5e ac 15.

19 parameter list parameters description accepted for viable values installlevel you can use this parameter to specify the sort of installation. Example: installlevel=whole user explanation of the values inside the event of an errors, the conversation with the mistakes that came about is displayed at the stop of set up. Set up 3) minimal minimal installation regular entire common set up complete installation 1) set up with the /qb or /qn parameters has the effect that no alarm windows are displayed, even if an mistakes takes place. You may best evaluate the consequences via the return price. 2) if the set up isn't but finished (go back value 13010), you first want to restart the machine after which the set up which will make evaluation of the go back cost possible. 3) this parameter might also handiest be used at some point of the preliminary installation of the software. Programming and operating guide, 12/2014, a5e ac 19.