eliwell thermostat wiring diagram eliwell connection 11 Fantastic Eliwell Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

11 Fantastic Eliwell Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

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Three 2 okay collection thermostats pplications ranco ok collection thermostats are used for temperature manage within the industrial refrigeration, residential refrigeration, aircon and heating sectors globally. Technical specs pplication range between -40 c/-40 f and 90 c/194 f (relying on fashions) faston terminals 6,three or four,8 electrical score 6 or 16 at 250v~ (relying on models) preferred mounting or with bracket capillary lengths from 300 to 3000 mm to be had, specific bureaucracy or bulb available vailable in break device version for utility with explosive gases (relying on models) pproved by means of fundamental global our bodies k22 k36 k50 / k14 k52 k54 k55 k56 k57 k58 k59 k60 k61 thermostat with spdt alternate touch thermostat with cycling on-off transfer (spst) thermostat with high score (sixteen) thermostat with two sensors thermostat with sign operation thermostat with auxiliary off thermostat with brief freeze button thermostat with regular connection thermostat with defrost button thermostat for heating application thermostat with wreck tool * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *.

38 relay interface modules zero.1-2 - 3-five - 6-8 - 16 a 38 commonplace features immediate ejection of relay through plastic maintaining clip crucial coil indication and protection circuit 6.2 mm huge emr - dc, ac or ac/dc.

30 vh series reversing valves 29 pplications the 4-manner reversing valve is the key issue in structures able to provide heating and cooling in a weather managed space by reversing the float path of the refrigerant. It is used for air con in rooms, important air conditioning structures and packaged gadgets. Reversing valves are designed for warmth pump systems with capacities from 3 kw as much as 580 kw. They are appropriate for most of the people of refrigerants, which includes r407c - r410 - r134. The design of the valve additionally guarantees minimal strain drop and very low threat of leakage. The available models offer numerous extraordinary forms of connections, configurations and capacities for specific packages. General fashions are available in small quantities in line with box for more flexibility of buying and use. Vh series - element numbers and technical information component range r407c kw min/max (us ton min/max) r410 kw min/max (us ton min/max) r134 kw min/max (us ton min/max) tube sizes (c.T.S.) Suction (c.) Shipping mm inches mm inches weight (g) (without coil) general packaging coil vh / (20.00 / 82.Forty) / (15.Forty / 61.60) / (15.Forty / 61.60) flange rbk sixty five flange rbk sixty five flange rbk 50 flange rbk vh / (30.00 / ) / (23.10 / 92.Forty) / (23.10 / 92.40) flange rbk sixty five flange rbk sixty five flange rbk 50 flange rbk b vh / (forty.00 / ) / (30.80 / ) / (30.Eighty / ) flange rbk 65 flange rbk 65 flange rbk 50 flange rbk word: capacities indicated are based on the following conditions: evaporation temperature: 7.2 c; sub cooling: 5.0 c; condensation temperature: 54.4 c; superheat: 5.0 c; stress drop: mpa vh reversing valve running specs min stress δ to reverse zero.34 mpa max pressure δ to reverse 2.25 mpa max running stress three.Three mpa min burst stress 16.Five mpa max running temperature a hundred and twenty c min running voltage eighty five of rated voltage max working voltage 110 of rated voltage d c s e f legend - : high pressure: s: suction; : linked to high strain whilst solenoid is energized.