22 gauge mad rabbit wire Mad Rabbit Wire, Competition Wire, CJVapors 12 Nice 22 Gauge, Rabbit Wire Pictures

12 Nice 22 Gauge, Rabbit Wire Pictures

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Nice 22 Gauge, Rabbit Wire Pictures - Mad rabbit wire is a low resistance cord.?low resistance cord is perfect for rebuilding your atomizer and in particular exact for sub ohm coil builds. It has lower resistance consistent with length than kanthal, which means it will heat up notably faster and is a favored opportunity to kanthal for this reason for lots cloud chasers.? each bag of cord comes with 20 foot sections.

I've been curious about mad rabbit wire for some time now, and recently, i went for it. Were given it off from cloudy collaborations. I selected the 22g blue classified mad rabbit wire, because 22g nichrome eighty turned into my favored size and favorite twine. Now i heard all of the time that mad rabbit was stainless steel, and when i bought it, it said it became annealed, so i used to be like good enough, maybe itll be a gentle cord and smooth to work with, but no, it's miles in reality no longer a gentle cord (maybe to some humans it in all likelihood is). Ive worked with 22g kanthal and 22g nichrome, and with the 22g mad rabbit, it felt hard like the use of 20g kanthal (which i have), it turned into really hard, did now not sense find it irresistible turned into annealed, felt more like its tempered. I didnt have a hard time doing the wraps and the site, but it felt tough like without a doubt tough while i was straightening the cord before i started out wrapping. I did a easy construct, a dual 6 wrap around 3mm bit, examine .Thirteen which become higher than i anticipated because i noticed a review on this cord and the reviewer did nine wraps of it on 3mm and it read .13 which i discovered form of peculiar. But anyway, when i finished the construct, it had a clearly surely speedy ramp up, nearly immediately. I certainly pressed the firing switch on my dogecorn for like half of a 2nd and it changed into pretty vivid already, which became the quickest ramp up ive ever visible for a thick wire. So depraved it up and juiced er up, i fired it, it vaped virtually properly, then i placed the cap lower back on and vaped on it, it become a warm vape, which i almost never get the use of a mech. Flavor is there, but not like vividly there which i additionally observed peculiar, but it virtually does produce a large cloud. So i can possibly be the usage of this cord for comps and perhaps for ordinary vaping as nicely. Preserve up the good paintings guys, its a absolutely exquisite twine! Unwell virtually be buying greater.